Open Positions

We're always curious to hear from potential postdocs and students.

Postdocs. Right now, we're looking for people with a biology background (such as eukaryotic gene regulation, cancer biology, or developmental biology), or with a physics/engineering background (such as statistical mechanics, robotics, photonics, or gel/polymer physics).

We also have funding for a postdoctoral fellow to work on a joint project with a globally recognized industry partner in the pharmaceuticals/diagnostics space, so if you are curious about industry, this might be a good opportunity that marries a traditional postdoc with also getting exposed to industry.

We are not currently looking for potential postdocs with only a "hard" material synthesis background (such as nanoparticles, quantum dots, or nanowires).

Graduate Students. All backgrounds welcome. We are especially interested in students with a demonstrated ability to build, with their own hands, functional and original bicycles, airplanes, submarines, robots, ham radios, or similar things. Alternatively, if you just love to watch dynamical systems and figure out how they work, you are probably also at the right place. Please note that in the US, graduate students apply to the university first, and only then pick specific labs.